Headlines: June 2nd, 2009

A consultation has begun on guidance from the Care Quality Commission outlining what health and adult social care services will have to do to meet new registration standards, which will be legally enforceable. The new regulator will begin to introduce the first ever registration system covering all health and adult social care services in England – public or independent – from April next year.

The guidance which is out for consulation details what services must do to measure up to the 29 registration requirements set by the Government. The Commission said the new system would bring fundamental changes in regulation and how it will be used to improve services.

The CQC said it had developed the guidance after working with a range of stakeholders, including service users as well as providers, professional bodies and other regulators. It focuses on what might constitute a positive outcome for someone receiving care and on what services should do to achieve that outcome. The measures will determine whether a service should be registered, retain its registration or whether more action is needed from the Commision.

It is asking for feedback to determine whether the guidance reflects the registration requirements and what should be expected of a safe, quality health or adult social care service. Cynthia Bower, the Commission’s Chief Executive said: “Registration will make sure that health and adult social care providers across the country are meeting essential common quality standards. It will make the system fairer, more transparent, and make it easier for people to compare providers.” The views of people using the services, she said, would be central to the consultation process which runs until August 24th.