Headlines: July 13th, 2009

The publishers of a guide to the best companies to work for are turning their attention to the public sector. Best Companies is launching ‘Best Places to Work in the Public Sector’ in association with the Sunday Times, which will publish the rankings next March.

Jonathan Austin, the Chief Executive and founder of Best Companies, said that after measuring the best private sector workplaces for ten years and ranking Britain’s best councils for the last two years this was the first time all public sector organisations would be able to compare and benchmark their status as employers.

“With 5.8 million employed in the public sector across the UK, and private sector unemployment rising, the public sector is facing more scrutiny than ever before. The Best Companies’ rankings will enable us to showcase the best practice that undoubtedly exists there and enable other organisations to focus on what needs to improve,” he said and added: “Our research shows that there is a clear appetite within the public sector for this.”

The new guide aims to celebrate the best workplace engagement in the public sector and registration is now open to organisations that want to be involved and will run until mid-October. They must have more than 50 full-time equivalent employees and to be eligible to participate an organisation must be either more than 50 per cent owned by a Government body, or have the majority of its directors appointed by the Government or have its business plan determined or approved by Government.

For more information on how organisations can participate click here.