Headlines: July 14th, 2009

Research published today indicates that some of Britain’s private sector high flyers are not just considering switching to teaching but want to become school heads. Figures from the National College for School Leadership show that of managers thinking about moving into the public sector, nearly half are looking at education.

Many of them have their sights set on senior posts with a fifth aiming for school leadership positions. The study shows schools in London stand to benefit particularly with a third of the capital’s private sector managers thinking about a role in education. They say they would like to lead schools in the East of England.

The research also looked at the managers’ motivation and shows that more than 6 out of ten of those who want leadership positions like the idea of making a difference to the lives of children. More than half want to make an impact on a local community. The managers also see a move to school leadership bringing benefits to education. Organisational, people management, leadership and financial skills honed in business were among the qualities they thought they could bring to the position.

The Chief Executive of the National College, Steve Munby, said being a head was not a soft option and potential candidates had to show the right skills, experience and understanding of education. “There are already many talented leaders en route to headship but we need to bolster this number so it’s encouraging to see a real appetite among senior managers and directors for a career in education,” he said.