HeadlinesBook News: October 20th, 2009

By Paul R. Yost and Mary Mannion Plunkett

The authors provide research and practice-based guidance and tools for leaders to use both in their own development and in building the next generation of leaders in their organization.

They explain how to identify the key experiences, competencies, and relationships that are critical in the development of current and future leaders. They also provide guidance on organization-wide metrics such as employee surveys, succession management metrics, and performance development plan audits.

The book answers the question “Leadership for the sake of what?” by helping to identify leadership principles as well as thinking about the legacy for the organisation.

The chapter on “Taking Action” provides tools for developing future talent in individuals, teams, and organizations.

Published by Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN: 978-1-4051-8667-4. £16.99