Headlines: November 2nd, 2009

Public Sector workers feel more optimistic about their job prospects than they did a month ago, bucking the national trend according to a new poll today from the independent campaign Keep Britain Working. It shows the Public Sector Job Prospect Index standing at minus 11, a 4-point lift compared with September.

The survey shows optimism in the Public Sector continuing to improve from its low point last May, when the Index began and stood at minus 39. Among workers in general the latest survey shows a sharp reverse of the steady upward trend and the Job Prospects Index at minus 21, a four-point drop compared to September’s figure.

Keep Britain Working’s monthly poll asks an average of 2,000 people across the country if they are optimistic or pessimistic about job prospects. Nearly one in four people still feel positive about their employer in spite of worsening job prospects, which, the organisation says, shows how successful many employers have been at working flexibly to respond to the recession in partnership with their staff.

Keep Britain Working, however, says employers need to be aware that the trend is becoming more negative. Overall the Employer Index stands at Minus 15 for October, with 39 per cent of employees feeling negative about their employers, compared to Minus 11 in August and Minus 13 in September.

James Reed, the founder of the Keep Britain Working, said: “Following the steady improvement of peoples’ feelings about job prospects since the low point in May this year, the latest Index figures reveal the first reversal. As recent UK economic figures demonstrate, this recession is not over yet, and concern for job prospects has risen in the last month.”