Headlines: December 3rd, 2009

Almsot half of children in care have been separated from brothers or sisters who have been sent to different placements. The figure is revealed in the second annual survey of children’s views of being in care or living in residential education, which also shows that one in five of them continue to be bullied for being in care.

The report from the Children’s Rights Director for England, Dr Roger Morgan, shows, however, that 92 per cent of the children who contributed their opinions feel safe in the home they live in and 90 per cent think their care is good. The report is based on first hand accounts of life from more than eleven hundred children.

The report says the issue of being separated from siblings is a very important worry for the children. Nearly two thirds of those in care have brothers or sisters who are also living away from home and of those, 76 per cent have been separated from their siblings. Nearly half the children involved in the survey believe this separation is wrong. In other findings, the report shows that children who feel unsafe are most likely to turn to their friends for help.

Dr Roger Morgan said it was essential to get the views of children in order to improve their experiences in care or living away from home. “This year’s figures are close to last year’s, which is reassuring as it indicates things have remained stable. However, I am concerned that it also demonstrates that we still need to sort out the same issues for children.”