Headlines: January 25th, 2010

Grants of up to £30,000 are to be given to charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises to improve vital facilities they provide for their communities.

The grants are part of the Capital Investment Programme delivered by Capacitybuilders. They support small scale improvements to resource centres that can make a big difference to services suffering in tough economic times. These small scale changes can provide vital improvements to the quality and accessibility of accommodation or facilities provided by organisations. The funding will, for example, enable them to add additional meeting rooms, improve technology, or provide better access to resources such as a common library.

It is likely that preference in allocating grants will go to those organisations that pool their resources and share facilities to reduce overheads and concentrate on delivering the services that people and communities need.

These grants are in addition to those announced recently under the Real Help for Communities proposals for Volunteers, Charities and Social Enterprises. This scheme provides grants of £4000 to small and medium providers in communities most at risk of increased deprivation due to the recession.