Headlines: January 28th, 2010

Local authorities are being urged to take action to deal with a record number of reports about roads damaged by potholes following the recent bad weather. The cycling organisation CTC says its pothole recording website has received more reports this month than any other and there are still three days left until the end of January.

So far more than 2,900 potholes have been reported to www.fillthathole.org.uk.
The previous highest monthly figure was recorded in March 2007 when users reported 2,364 potholes. The new record may be surpassed soon, however, as February and March are traditionally the months when more potholes occur because of higher levels of rain.

Kevin Mayne, the chief executive of CTC, said he was sure all cyclists were seeing a huge increase in the size and number of potholes. “Reporting hazards on our site is an easy way to make sure councils know where they are so they can get them fixed,” he added. Using the site anyone can pinpoint potholes and other road hazards on an interactive map. The information is then passed to the relevant local authority.

Earlier this month the Local Government Association said councils were taking every necessary step to identify problem potholes and to ensure safety. It asked members of the public to report any defects to their local authority so they could be fixed as quickly as possible. Last year councils filled a pothole every 33 seconds on average and cut the amount paid in compensation claims to road users by almost 18 million pounds.