Headlines: February 17th, 2010

Police in Knowsley, on Merseyside, have introduced a new form of crime management by reducing beats to just three streets. This rigorous policing method was successfully used in inner city Liverpool and is now being employed to improve the lives of residents on a once troubled estate.

The introduction of micro-beats has strengthened the relationship between the community and the police. The five police officers and 12 Police Community Support Officers have formed strong links with residents through door to door patrols. The new approach has also resulted in the needs and concerns of individual residents being dealt with promptly.

A messaging service, where residents receive crime alerts by text, email or phone has also been started. Members of the community can also feed back information confidentially to the Safer Knowsley Partnership.

The police have also set up direct links to the crime and disorder partners so that additional support can be given to the community on victim support and housing issues.

Crime statistics for 2008/09 show that crime in Knowsley fell by 11 per cent from 2007/08.

Dave Brennan, Acting Neighbourhood Inspector said: “Working as one team with partners means we can achieve far more than any agency could on its own. We hope that residents will see the benefit of this activity over the coming months and continue to support us.”