Headlines: March 15th, 2010

An online knowledge bank about the Compact, the agreement setting out how the Government and the voluntary sector should work together, is now live. The online library has been produced by the Commission for the Compact and holds a range of research papers and documents.

The resources include examples of local Compact agreements, policy briefings and a range of guidance and other publications from organisations such as the Office of the Third Sector. All the documents in the bank are free to download. So far about 100 fully-categorised files are available and it is hoped that more will be added every week.

Sir Bert Massie, the Commissioner for the Compact, said the bank would be an essential resource for anyone involved in partnership working between Government and the third sector. “Users will have free access to timely and accurate data, all in a specially designed, user-friendly system, he said.

The information and database officer at the Commission for the Compact, Pete Lambert, said users could find and download information quickly and easily by using its simple search function. “As the online resource grows, we will continue to add additional features as well as a wide range of other information on partnership working,” he said. In time it would be possible for users to submit their own documents and to recommend and share links with others.

Potential users can register at www.thecompact.org.uk/knowledgebank