Headlines: March 25th, 2010

The Total Place pilot projects are being followed up with field trials to deepen understanding of issues and refine the solutions developed so far. Field trials are also likely to be extended to parallel places where projects were initiated locally. The trials will supplement the work in progress across the country to develop total place thinking.

Examples of the trials include building on innovative approaches to tackle chronic alcohol and drug misuse and exploring ways to address any constraints in the current funding system Leicestershire, Birmingham and South of Tyne. There will also be trials in Lewisham and Luton and Central Bedfordshire looking at offender management, particularly for those sentenced for less than 12 months. It will include investigating the possibility of developing a common assessment framework and single lead professional.

The Government has also offered to work with any place able to show that it can shape and deliver innovative, citizen focused, solutions with their partners to develop further freedoms linked to policy themes or area-wide solutions. The aim is to promote the development of co-design between Whitehall and places so that policies are developed in a collaborative way.