Headlines: May 12th, 2010

A campaign has been launched to improve patient safety and to reduce avoidable harm across the NHS in Wales. The five-year programme called 1000 Lives Plus aims to spread good practice developed as part of the original 1000 Lives Campaign throughout Wales.

It will introduce new ways of working for health organisations, including steps to improve rehabilitation after strokes and recovery following surgery, preventing Acute Coronary Syndrome, improving maternity care and services for dementia sufferers as well as reducing the number of falls in the community.

The director of 1000 Lives Plus, Dr Jonathon Gray, said patients had the right to expect the same high quality of care wherever they were treated. “We know that our frontline staff are committed to improving both the safety and quality of care they deliver. 1000 Lives Plus provides the opportunity for that work to continue,” he said.

Every Health Board and NHS Trust in Wales will be involved and will build on improvements introduced by the original campaign. Examples include pilot work in hospitals to reduce the number of elderly patients suffering falls on their wards by introducing hourly checks and ensuring equipment to help mobility is easily available. Work to improve recovery after surgery has been boosted by a Welsh Assembly Government ‘Invest to Save’ grant to develop support for patients after gastrointestinal operations. The campaign will also focus on reducing waste and variation in health organisations through improved ways of working.