Headlines: June 2nd, 2010

Providers of lifelong learning are being urged to embed technology into their teaching methods after new figures showed almost half of people would use technology more confidently at work if it had been included in their education and training. A new report from Lifelong Learning UK also found that half of all office workers thought they would waste less time if they had better knowledge of technology.

The organisation has developed technology application guides for further education providers to enable them to embed technology in the way they teach and help people learn. The guides are available to download at www.lluk.org/techguides.htm. Lifelong Learning UK believes that there is a long-term impact on learners’ employment prospects and life after learning if technology is embedded in their learning.

It believes the new study supports this view with one in five people feeling their job prospects would improve as a result of better understanding of technology. A fifth of those polled also said they would feel more confident in applying for a job if they were more technologically adept. As well as the guides the body has created a ‘staffroom poster’ highlighting sources of information and support for teachers.

Bryony Taylor, Lifelong Learning UK’s expert in technology enhanced learning said: “This new research is supported by figures which show that over the last 20 years, the proportion of people using IT in their job has nearly doubled to 77 per cent.”