Headlines: June 14th, 2010

Staff training has been identified as a pressing issue for the growing number of health and social care organisations now working in collaboration with one another. New research from Embrace-Learning shows such collaborative working has increased tenfold since 2007 and is expected to rise steeply in the next two years.

The organisation, which is a developer and consultant in e-learning, says that the health and social care sectors face intense scrutiny in the light of the announcement of a specialist commission to investigate funding. Its study found that collaborative working and sharing resources had increased across the UK. Arrangements in areas including Lancashire, Cumbria, North West London and County Durham had led to reduced costs brought through greater efficiencies.

Data from the past three years showed staff training was a particularly pressing issue for organisations. It was to ensure all employees were trained to an appropriate level but training could be problematic because of the increase in flexible working and because of scattered workforces and legislative changes.

Mike Burke, managing director at Embrace-Learning, said the current political and financial climate meant it was crucial for organisations to become more efficient and improving processes now would help them prepare for the new budget. He added: “We’ve noticed a steep rise in the number of organisations seeking to alter their processes, especially where training is concerned. With the introduction of a new commission, these organisations will need to justify their costs or find better ways of providing their services.”