Headlines: July 2nd, 2010

The Rural Services Network, the national umbrella organisation for local authorities and organisations providing public services in rural areas, has announced a strategic partnership arrangement with the property firm, Knight Frank. The Network said the partnership would ensure it could continue to highlight issues faced by rural service providers to national and local government.

The Network represents organisations serving 11 million people, many of them in small, remote communities as well as in market towns and large villages. Its members include local authorities, police, fire and ambulance services, NHS trusts, housing associations, national parks, transport operators and consumer organisations. As its dedicated property partner, Knight Frank will support the Network’s website and email newsletter services.

Graham Biggs, the Chief Executive of the Rural Services Network, said the company had an innovative and flexible culture which was attractive in the current challenging times when there were strong arguments for pooling resources, sharing ideas and for joint ventures. “It also has extensive experience in working in partnership with the local government sector,” he said and added: “We look forward to working with Knight Frank as the first of our strategic partners from the private sector.”

James Del Mar, Head of Rural Consultancy at Knight Frank, said the firm recognised the inextricable relationship between the public and private sectors. “Local authorities and public service agencies draw on the expertise and material of the private sector for an increasing and deepening range of services, advice and personnel,” he said.