Headlines: October 8th, 2010

An organisation which supports black minority ethnic community and voluntary groups wants assurances that fairness and equality are deeply embedded in public spending cuts. Voice4Change England is also urging the Government to work with the sector to create its “Big Society”.

V4CE has produced a report, ‘A Shared Vision For The Future’, based on an in depth study of minority voluntary organisations. It details actions it believes policy makers should take to strengthen and support such groups and to help them target deprivation and challenge inequality. It also outlines opportunities for the groups to collaborate, communicate and celebrate their work.

The report calls on policy makers to continue the implementation of a Race Equality Strategy and to conduct the rigorous equality impact assessments required by law. It also wants them to provide a strong national steer on equality and human rights and to recognise the relative costs of discrimination against the bill for tackling discrimination.

Vandna Gohil from V4CE said the Big Society and plans for increased localism were opportunities for the BME voluntary and community sector to ensure diverse communities were engaged and innovative approaches taken. She added: “For the sector to survive, thrive and effectively engage and meet the needs of communities, policy makers must put equality at the heart of Big Society and work with us to challenge the barriers identified in A Shared Vision.”