Headlines: April 14th, 2011

A report from Senior Executive Head-hunters InterExec, reveals that 92% of head-hunters claim that public sector senior executives are harder to place compared to their private sector counter parts.

This follows the Office of Budget Responsibility’s forecast that 610,000 public sector jobs will be lost in the next six years as part of the Government’s austerity measures. Figures from Direct.gov.uk reveal that there is an estimated 170+ senior executives working in the public sector who currently earn over £150,000.

InterExec is the Confidential Agent that represents senior executives seeking positions earning over £200,000. The report conducted by InterExec, surveyed 100 of the UK’s top senior executive head-hunters across the UK.

Kit Scott-Brown, managing director of InterExec, commented: Public sector executives are currently facing challenges with securing the best job going forward and some will require more help than their private sector peer group. We are finding that former civil servants often require advice on how they can be best placed within the private sector, not as a result of their skills or abilities, but on how they access private sector employers.”