Headlines: April 21st, 2011

Many ex public sector employees are turning to freelance and contract work in the search for an alternative livelihood. Contrary to reports that point to the commercial sector’s reluctance to employ ‘ex-bureaucrats’, recruitment experts blame poor self belief as the key obstacle to new careers in enterprise.

A recent survey conducted by people4business.com has confirmed the poor outlook for public sector employees. 62% of ex government workers predicted a worse year ahead. This contrasts with 75% of private sector employees looking for jobs, who forecast an improvement in their fortunes. However, with the prospect of flexible career paths for all, many experts wish to reassure and encourage those facing the corporate world for the first time.

“We have many examples of successful transition from public to private sector.” Claims Duncan Taylor MD of people4business.com. “Many of our freelancers are selling their key skills learned in local and central government to a wider commercial world. Often we come across a nervousness on the part of the candidates that is based upon assumed not real factors.”

In an attempt to redress this negative perception, Jill Mytton a leading careers consultant and strategic partner with people4business.com has provided some key advice to ex-public sector personnel.

Face your Fears. You can only handle fears by dealing with them so put down all the feelings that you are experiencing before you rush to draft your C.V. or hit the job sites.

She also advises job seekers to list their achievements and make career connections. For example, if your number one achievement was raising your family what did you particularly like about doing it? Was it using your nurturing skills? If so that could make you a great foster carer. Alternatively, it may have been teaching your family new skills like a particular sport or activity.

It is important to re-invent your career. This is your time to focus on the skills you enjoy and for which there is a need in the marketplace- the next step is to decide how best you can market those skills.