Headlines: July 6th, 2011

Early intervention services for children and young people in Gloucestershire will become more effective as the Council steps up joint working across multiple agencies. Social and health care professionals will share new IT systems which will remove internal frontiers.

The new approach aims to provide an integrated service to children and young people by bringing closer together some 1,600 social care and health practitioners from multiple agencies, including education, health, police and youth services, as well as the Council’s Children and Young People’s Services.

Everyone involved in the services will be able to access the new systems which will have key information gathered from multiple sources. Rapid information retrieval will mean that more time can be spent with children and young people and their families.

It is expected that the changes will also have an impact on staff morale, retention and recruitment.

Peter Harwood, Project Manager, Gloucestershire County Council said:. “We had to be confident that our new systems can adapt to future changes and challenges, at a local and national level. We were impressed with Liquidlogic’s understanding and knowledge of social care and the overall children’s agenda, which is reflected in the flexibility of its PROTOCOL ICS and eCAF systems.”