Headlines: November 21st, 2011

The public sector day of action will be supported by the classic song Let’s Work Together. The song has been re-record as a charity track that celebrates everything that is good about the public sector.

The recording has been produced by ‘The Workers’ a 14-strong group which includes a firefighter, probation officers, a teacher and health service staff including a nurse, midwives and a physiotherapist. The record was created and produced by Jeff Chegwin and Nick Patrick – the hit production team behind the million-selling group The Soldiers.

The song, released on the NOVA MUSIC label to support the day of action on 30 November 2011, is available to download from iTunes, Amazon and other leading online outlets.

The TUC chose Let’s Work Together as a song that captures the spirit of the public sector at its best and the determination of its workforce to defend services and proper rewards for its staff. The song will be accompanied by a video that documents the recording of the song and shows how its central character depends on public services throughout a typical journey to work.

A major part of the sale price, equivalent to about 40p out of the 99p cost in most outlets, will be donated by the TUC to Age UK to show support for today’s pensioners.

It is expected that over 2 million workers will not show up for work on 30 November. The disruption will affect hospitals, schools, councils services, government offices, courts and job centres.