Headlines: March 16th, 2012

Police officers, nurses, council employees and others who wear clothing which displays a clear link to their organisation are now eligible for tax relief.

Staff who spend their working days wearing a full uniform or even a branded polo shirt for which they are responsible for keeping clean and looking presentable can now benefit for tax relief of £60 per annum.

HMRC do want to keep a tight grip on this tax relief and there is a list of criteria which must be met to be eligible. A key condition is that a member of the public must be able to identify the organisation from the uniform or branding on the garments.

HMRC will also consider claims for backdating the relief for the previous six years. This of course depends on the garment or uniform having been worn for the whole of the period.

Nick Acaster, Marketing Director at Alexandra workwear,advises those who may be eligible for tax relief to contact the local tax office.