Headlines: June 24th, 2013

Schools are on the verge of embracing tablet and apps sparking a new way of learning for pupils. But as the technology advances the risk to pupils increases.

The unprecedented growth rate of tablet computers in corporate and consumer markets is spreading steadily to schools, according to new research from the British Educational Suppliers Association.

Research by the Association shows that 6 per cent of all pupil-facing computers in schools were tablets at the end of 2012. The schools surveyed, forecast that by the end of 2015 the percentage of tablets will have risen to 22 per cent of all pupil-facing computers. Unsurprisingly, 82% of all teachers also say that their pupils have an interest in using tablets.

The headline findings of the survey of 500 UK schools  conducted in 2012, found that the majority of schools are adopting a research-driven approach to tablet take-up, and want more evidence before supporting the adoption of tablets in the classroom .

The widespread adoption of tablets and apps raises issue of security. Duncan Higgins, director of product and marketing, Virgin Media Business said: Technology can make a big difference to classroom engagement and enhance a child’s education, whilst also helping them to learn the IT skills they need for the big wide world. For that to happen, it’s vital that security measures are put in place and technology such as managed firewalls can make sure that children experience all that the internet has to offer, whilst allowing teachers to have control over what pupils can see and interact with.”