Headlines: February 5th, 2015

The latest extension to the Government Marketplace, where public services can buy direct from suppliers without a long procurement process, now offers high performance data analytics.

Web science company, FlyingBinary, has joined the Digital Marketplace, and offers cloud solutions that include EXASOL’s in-memory analytic database, EXASolution, together with data visualisation tools. Consequently, local authorities and central government bodies alike have the opportunity to easily procure and flexibly manage the most innovative, high-performing analytics services in order to see, understand and drive decision-making using their data.

Central and local government have the option to utilise the vast amounts of information and data they have to run services and garner insights. This creates efficiencies across operations, helps detect fraud and error, and helps move towards the goal of citizen centric services.

Aaron Auld, EXASOL’s CEO says: “G-Cloud is a ground-breaking initiative that gives back control of technology procurement to public sector bodies, rather than having to play by the rules of the big vendors. It empowers them with an array of accredited technologies, with all the efficiencies of cloud-based services, allowing innovation through flexibility and letting them do more with less, thereby driving efficiencies. We are delighted to be working with FlyingBinary to open up business analytics to all government organisations.

Aaron continues: “We see this as one of the most prestigious stamps of approval on our in-memory analytic database, EXASolution. We take our role in being on this framework very seriously as it allows us to provide the tools the UK public sector needs to deliver a first-class service to its citizens and provide efficiencies in a world where both time and budgets are finite.”

Jacqui Taylor, FlyingBinary’s CEO says: “We are in a world where companies of all sizes use their data to gain actionable insights in order to transform their businesses, maximise opportunities and build new products and services. Data-driven organisations are possible in the public sector too. We are helping a number of key organisations through this transition. Currently only around 8 per cent of government organisations have access to data and the insights it can bring. This needs to change. Our G-Cloud services provide the platforms to enable this transformation to data-driven organisations. This can and should change the way Government operates, not only creating efficiencies, but ultimately unlocking the value of Smart Cities and the Internet of Things and placing the citizen at the heart of everything it does.”