Headlines: September 29th, 2016

Skills for Care is working with Oxfordshire County Council and the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) in the South East to show employers how they can adopt a values and behaviours-based approach to recruitment and reap the benefits.

Since 2014, Oxfordshire County Council has worked with local social care providers to promote a values based recruitment. The Council developed a suite of materials and training sessions that have helped employers to implement this radically different approach to finding the right people to work in your organisation.

Following their success, Oxfordshire County Council is now working with Skills for Care to roll-out the approach across England, with support and funding from South East ADASS.

Skills for Care Chief Executive, Sharon Allen OBE, said:
“Social care employers are under enormous pressure to recruit more high quality workers in response to rising demand for care and support an as a result of high rates of staff turnover. We estimate that the sector needs to grow by up to 275,000 jobs by 2025 just to keep pace with demand.

Making the right recruitment decisions has never been more important. Social care workers work with people with a wide range of care and support needs and evidence shows that traditional approaches to recruitment can be both costly and ineffective.

Values and behaviours-based recruitment takes a different approach to finding the right people to work in your organisation. By exploring candidates’ values, behaviours and attitudes, evidence shows that employers are making better recruitment decisions – selecting people who, from day one, are a good fit for the organisation, have a natural aptitude for providing quality, personalised care and – crucially – are more likely to stay.”