Headlines: January 10th, 2017

A new public sector co-funding and collaboration platform has been launched by five local authorities to deliver a new approach to customer service content management.

The project has developed the new approach based on crowdsourcing knowledge from specialists across local authorities, and sharing what is common to all.

Writing and maintaining content on websites is hard and expensive. Around 80% of what all local authorities do is shared by others. The project makes use of content which is common to all public sector organisations and allows others to contribute to a best practice platform.

Customers present themselves to reception or call by phone and pose queries that require the knowledge of specialist teams from within the Council. Sometimes a customer has read the generic advice on the Council’s website but is still unclear if it applies in their specific circumstances. Often similar questions come up multiple times. Finding the answer takes time and effort. The result is duplication and inefficiencies in advice delivery.

The project brings together a group of customer service heads to undertake a piece of collective analysis that will produce an informed approach to a digital shared knowledge base platform.

By capturing the expert responses to frequently asked and specific questions, it is possible to move some of the back office knowledge to the front line.

The CC2i platform enables effective digital collaboration across the UK by offering a mechanism to elicit co-funding, co-design and development across public sector to deliver better, more relevant and more sustainable digital products.

Jane Hancer, Director of Innovation at CC2i said: “This is a pivotal moment for public sector as it proves the appetite and ability for collaboration and co-funding across local government. These five authorities each face similar issues in terms of customer service content management and have agreed to work together, share resources and co-fund an approach which will benefit them all, as well as delivering measurable savings to each of their bottom lines.”