Setting Up Direct Delivery

The Publicnet Direct Delivery Service allows you to select topics that interest you and you can also decide when you want to receive the news and information. This streamlined service delivers headlines directly to your browser.

To check for new content you will need to click the icon in your browser and this will bring up the headline. Clicking on the headline you want to follow up will deliver the full text to your screen.

The three steps for setting up the Direct Delivery Service are:
• Set up a news reader
• Select the categories of news and information you want to receive
• Create a Favorites folder and an icon on your browser.

News Readers

There is a wide selection of news readers. You may wish to consult your ICT help desk on the most suitable reader for your system.

These are examples of no cost new readers.

Internet Explorer

Google Reader To use the Reader you will need to set up a Google Account.

Internet Explorer and Google Reader are web based. The following readers can be downloaded onto your system:

FeedDemon for Windows

NetNewsWire for Mac

NetNewswire for iPad
Follow the on screen directions for setting up the news reader.

Selecting topics

To select topics scroll down this page.
If you want to receive more than 3 or 4 topics, you may find it preferable to select ‘All content’ to avoid clutter in your browser.

You can change your selection of topics at any time.

Guide for the different readers.

Internet Explorer
After selecting the topic click Subscribe.
Give a name to the folder in the dialogue box.
To create an icon in the Favorites bar, click on the star icon next to Favorites (Add to Favorites bar) in your browser.
To check the feeds you have selected, go to Favorites and click on the Feeds tab.

Google Reader
After selecting the topic, click on the Subscribe to Google Reader option.
You will be prompted to input your password before signing in to Google.
This will produce a message ‘you are not subscribed to this feed’ – click Subscribe.
You will then receive a message: ‘you are subscribed to ….’

To add this subscription to a Favorites folder scroll down to manage subscriptions in the left hand menu.

Select the dropdown menu related to the selected topic and click New Folder.
Insert the folder name and click OK.

On the same screen, click on Settings in the upper right hand top corner.
From the drop down menu click on reader settings – this will then display Preferences.
Click on Goodies.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and right click on Subscribe, select Add to Favorites.
To put icon on browser, click on star next to Favorites (Add to Favorites bar).

FeedDemon for Windows
The folder will be created automatically when you select a topic on the Publicnet page. To put the icon on the toolbar, go to your browser and click on the star icon next to Favorites (Add to Favorites bar).

For other readers, follow on screen directions.