Abstracts: December 18th, 2002

By John Redwood and Nick SeatonThe authors calculate that if all the money followed the child, state schools would have a sum equivalent to the independent sector. They argue that with this funding all state schools could be freed from government and given the same legal status as an independent school. Headteachers would then have the same degree of autonomy and the state would pay a specified sum – in the region of 5,000 pounds per year – directly to the school. New schools would be allowed to open and existing ones to expand. All state schools would become Public Trust Companies, taking control over staffing, admissions, transport, management and assets from the LEA. Parents would then have direct control over their child’s education. Government would be seen as a funder and regulator, not a provider, of education. Teachers would be seen as responsible professionals. LEAs would become service providers, catering to the needs of schools which want them, on a competitive basis.

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