Abstracts: December 20th, 2002

Most people who resign from their jobs are not moving for money or career progress but because they are sick of their immediate boss. Personality clashes or general dissatisfaction with managers are the biggest single reason for people leaving their jobs. The conclusion drawn from a survey by Manchester Metropolitan University is that weak management pushes good employees to leave. The finger is pointed at young, inexperienced supervisors who have not been in the job long enough to benefit from watching good managers at work. Each time an employee leaves, the costs to the organization are between 50 and 250 per cent of his or her annual salary. But few organizations ever find out the real reasons for their departure, because they are usually reluctant to say anything that could burn their professional bridges. Instead, they give positive reasons for leaving such as career advancement, a better salary, or neutral reasons – family circumstances.Published by The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. http://www.cipd.co.uk  24.99 pounds.