Abstracts: April 8th, 2004

The Government’s Strategy for Restorative Justice includes the setting up of a group of stakeholders to advise on the future of training and accreditation. This document sets out the findings of the group on the essential knowledge and skills that all restorative practitioners need to be able to demonstrate in order to be safe and fully competent in their work. It describes how practitioners can offer a range of restorative processes to participants and how to develop an agreed approach to the accreditation of restorative practitioners across all professions and sectors. It is expected that the definition of best practice formulated by the stakeholder group will inform the development of national occupational standards. The definition includes: managing and assessing risk in restorative processes, selecting a restorative process appropriate to the particular case, skills needed for indirect restorative processes and follow up after restorative contact.The guidance is published by the Home Office. http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/docs3/bestpracticeforrestorativepractitioners.pdf