Abstracts: May 9th, 2005

This pamphlet from the Local Government Association sets out guidance on implementing the new Best Value performance indicator. Domestic violence accounts for nearly one fifth of all recorded violent crime and nearly half of all female murder victims are killed by a current or former partner. It costs the taxpayer an estimated 5.7bn pounds every year. The introduction of the performance indicator will bring fresh vigour in town halls and councils will gain new impetus to build on proven techniques to tackle the crime.The pamphlet spells out the details of the new indicator and lists extensive case studies and examples of good practice. It also helps to raise the public profile of the role that councils play, as well as promoting areas of good practice that have already proved to be effective. Councils need to look at the range of services they provide, such as housing, social care and education to tackle the problem.

The publication is available at: http://www.lga.gov.uk/Documents/Publication/LGAdomesticviolence.final.pdf