Abstracts: May 17th, 2005

This Education Survey by Dell found that ICT facilities in schools could be better utilised to help bridge the digital divide and benefit the wider community. Nearly every school, 99%, has PCs and printers and three quarters have broadband access, yet only half, 54%, provide after school access to computers for pupils, and just three out of ten make technology resources available to the local community in the form of community classes and training. Because children only spending about 15% of their time in the classroom, many pupils may be missing out on opportunities that access to technology gives them. The average investment in ICT in a school is over 20,000 pounds per annum and by widening out access to these resources to pupils and the community as a whole, schools could play a vital role in breaking down the digital divide.The survey also found that whilst nearly every teacher has access to a computer at home, 98%, only a third, 35% of them are provided by schools. This is despite the fact, that for many, computers are fundamental to their role, with the majority using computers for lesson planning, 83%, lesson creation, 68%, and assessment 64% respectively.

A summary of the research results is available from Antonia Germanos Email:agermanos@gciuk.com