Abstracts: May 19th, 2005

This document sets out the Audit Commission’s policy and practice framework for service inspections of local authorities, housing associations and other bodies. The Commission is radically reducing the number of inspections whilst seeking to be a continuing force for the improvement of local services. The new strategic approach aims to maximise the impact of audit activities while minimising the burden on the organisations inspected.The document sets out the principles of inspection and describes the service inspection framework. It details what will be inspected and gives an outline of the newly introduced methodology together with a summary of how judgements will be made. Other issues include an outline of quality assurance, the review and complaint processes, and the legislative basis for inspection. It also describes the responsibilities of the Commission and of inspected organisations in relation to the planning and undertaking of inspections.

The document is available at: http://www.audit-commission.gov.uk/reports/NATIONAL-REPORT.asp?CategoryID=&ProdID=78F62C1A-D68F-4ce0-8276-631A8BAC1B47&SectionID=sect2