Abstracts: May 31st, 2006

A salary survey conducted by Computer Economics Limited on behalf of the Society of IT Management suggests that local authorities remain a good place to work if you are in ICT, with councils currently offering slightly better salary increases, better retention levels and a wider range of benefits than the private sector. However, recruitment problems in the public sector are increasing even though they are currently less of a problem than in the private sector.The survey compared local authority ICT salaries with those across all industries. Average salaries within the sample show an increase of 5%, slightly up on last years figure of 4.8%. The increase remains slightly higher than 4.8 % of the private sector. At an organisational level staff working in Fire Services have received the greatest increase of 6.7% and at a regional level authorities in Wales have benefited the most with an average increase of 6.7%. At the opposite end of the scale District Councils with an increase of 3.8% and councils within the South East with a 4.5% increase are below the average.

Recruitment problems have increased with 51% of councils experiencing recruitment problems, compared to 31% in 2005. Recruitment in the private sector remains a greater problem with 74% experiencing difficulties. This is up from 58% last year.

Last year’s survey indicated an eroding of the differential between public and private sector salaries, particularly at the most senior levels. This situation has been maintained.

The survey can be obtained from: enquiries@socitm.gov.uk