Abstracts: June 5th, 2006

The CBI / AXA Absence Survey shows that sickness absence across the public sector is down from 10.1 days per person to 8.5, but this is almost three days more than each private sector worker. Some 1 million people a week take sick leave and while the majority will return to work quickly, in an average week 3,000 people are off sick for more than six months and of those 80% will not work again for the next five years.Organisational size is a major influence on workplace absence, with rates of absence higher in larger than in smaller organisations. Other factors related to absence include women taking more sickness absence than men and older employees having more absences than younger counterparts.

The CBI/AXA Survey, ISBN 0852016298, costs 40 pounds and is available from: http://www.tso.co.uk/cbi/bookstore.asp?FO=1153079&DI=569347