Abstracts: June 7th, 2006

This paper from the Local Government Association and Improvement and Development Agency sets out proposals for a new performance management framework. The paper argues that the current framework hinders the drive for improved public services, because it focuses on assessment rather than improvement, encourages compliance rather than innovation and it has become too burdensome.The new framework needs to be consistent with the changes that are taking place in the way localities are governed. It needs to engage people as citizens, customers and taxpayers and to reward innovation. The objective is to bring about better life chances for local people and local communities, to meet and raise their aspirations by ensuring that local public services continue to improve, to strive for excellence, and to provide value for money with accountability to local people.

The proposed framework sets out the key conditions for local government improvement and they include leadership, effective communications, meaningful engagement with partners, citizens, service users and staff, effective systems and robust people management.

The framework is available at: http://www.idea-knowledge.gov.uk/idk/aio/4338042