Abstracts: February 5th, 2007

This programme is now available to view on egovtv.tv, the online television channel for public service modernisation. It describes how public bodies can reduce purchasing costs, increase administrative efficiencies and meet more of the Governments sustainability targets with a new eProcurement Managed Service. Zanzibar, launched by OGCbuying.solutions together with PA Consulting, brings significant improvements in efficiency and greater cost and time savings for the public sector through effective procurement techniques. There is no charge for joining Zanzibar.The managed service provides bulk-buy aggregation and makes available collaborative contracts that allow buyers to transact via a completely electronic procurement process from requisitions to invoices and so cut administrative costs. It also reduces errors and administrative time for transactions as well as providing information to give better management of the spend and long term improvement through sharper strategic direction.

GovTV (www.eGovTV.tv) is a dedicated web-cast television channel for governors of public bodies, council members and senior executives across all public sector organisations and is available free to an unlimited audience at anytime, at any location via the internet.

The programme is available at: http://www.egovtv.tv/programmes/Case%20Study-%20Cutting%20Purchasing%20Costs%20with%20new%20OGC%20eProcurement%20Service