Abstracts: March 13th, 2007

This paper from Communities and Local Government sets out thinking on the new LAA arrangements as part of the new performance framework outlined in the Local Government White Paper. The new LAAs will be introduced in April 2008 and this will be the only place where central government will agree targets with local authorities and their partners on outcomes delivered by local government. LAAs will no longer about specific funding for specific targets, because they will include all targets agreed with central government.Local authorities and local strategic partnerships are encouraged to use this paper to inform debate and help identify practical implications of the changes, so they can devise implementation plans.

The White Paper sets out fundamentally different arrangements for LAAs and the expectation is that they will provide local authorities and partners with the flexibility and capacity to deliver the best solutions for their areas through a reformed relationship between central and local government. LAAs will change the way central government does business with local authorities and partners to agree on a much reduced set of core priorities for each locality within the new performance framework.

These services span the wide range of priorities reflected in the LAA outcomes framework and include child poverty, children’s services, educational attainment, teenage pregnancies, crime, anti-social behaviour, the wellbeing of older people, smoking, road safety and employment opportunities. There are many more examples of benefits and a database is being compiled for public use.

The new Comprehensive Area Assessment will be introduced in 2009 and provide an assessment of performance of the local authority and what it delivers in partnership with others and future prospects across a range of local services and priorities.

The paper is available at: http://www.communities.gov.uk/pub/329/DevelopingthefuturearrangementsforLAs_id1506329.pdf