Book News: November 29th, 2000

Wheelan S ADescribes how work groups become teams. Includes no jargon, no references – only the author’s research-based experience. Explores how teams in organizations need to be supported through creating expectations of success, setting clear expectations, valuing quality and service, attention to detail and valuing team recommendation and rewarding team performance. Presents four stages of team development: dependence and inclusion, counterdependence and fight, trust and structure and work and productivity. Challenges team members not to blame others for team problems, encourage the process of goal, role and task clarification, encourage the adoption of an open communication structure where all members’ input and feedback are heard, promote an appropriate ratio of task and supportive communication, promote effective problem-solving and decision-making procedures, establish norms which support productivity, innovation and freedom of expression, promote the use of effective conflict management strategies, go along with norms which promote group effectiveness and productivity, network with other groups, and support the leader’s efforts to facilitate group goal achievement. Challenges the domination of the myth of the charismatic team leader and focuses on some of the core activities of leading teams through the different stages of team development. Shows how the stages of team development can be managed. Constitutes a book that both managers and team members will use.

Publisher: Sage. ISBN: 0761918175. Price: 13 pounds 99 p