Book News: October 10th, 2002

By Maureen K. RobinsonThis book offers a candid look at the challenges of nonprofit boards. It presents a straightforward approach to understanding the role of the board, tailoring its work to meet the needs of specific organizations, and creating a culture of board productivity that makes participation rewarding for board members as well as the organizations they serve. It distinguishes between theory and practice and encourages boards to explore how they genuinely add value to the work of the organization. Going beyond the hows and whys of nonprofit governance to provide frank advice and real-world examples of what works, what doesn’t, what requires a miracle, and what can be achieved through diligent and deliberate effort. It also offers practical yet flexible strategies that can be tried by any nonprofit board, whatever its current effectiveness.

Published by Wiley ISBN: 0-471-35432-5. 35.00 US dollars.