Book News: October 17th, 2002

By Jan Stevenson and Linda SpencerThe guide has been produced following the three-year King’s Fund Rehabilitation Programme. It shows that intermediate care requires a transformation in the whole system of services provided to older people in a locality. Intermediate care should fit as an integral part of a wide range of health, social care and housing services, and not simply be seen as more beds in a hospital or a care home. It can be defined as a short-term intervention to preserve the independence of a person who might otherwise be forced to go into hospital or a nursing home. It is an active and intensive way of helping those who have suffered from illness or injury to get their lives back. It includes a wide range of activities, such as physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and practical support foreveryday living. It requires a high level of partnership working between local agencies as well as a commitment to involve users and their carers in designing new kinds of service. The guide will help those responsible for developing intermediate care to find ways of getting the job done effectively.

Developing Intermediate Care: A guide for health and social care professionals, is available from the King’s Fund bookshop on 020 7307 2591 or at , price 18 pounds.