Book News: November 27th, 2002

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s most recent annual absence survey revealed that stress is the most common cause of long-term absence for non-manual staff, cited by 44% of survey respondents. The guide is aimed at helping managers to gain a better understanding of what stress is and importantly, helping to enhance employee well-being. The focus of the guide is a positive and hands-on approach to improving the well-being of the workforce. This involves creating a healthy workplace – rather than waiting until problems have occurred and then trying to fix them. The well-being approach includes activities such as focus groups which look at systematic ways of solving problems so that individuals feel supported; employee surveys that ask people how they feel; appraisals and training and counselling. The guide also outlines some of the factors that can lead to stress including an unsympathetic organizational culture; poor communication between managers and employee; lack of involvement in decision making; excessive workload; bullying; continual change and lack of challenge.Published by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.