Book News: April 19th, 2004

By T Haug, K V Grude and E S Andersen.The book sets out a unique methodology that has been developed and refined by the authors over 20 years. During this period it has been adopted as a standard approach by organizations all over the world. It highlights the close relationship between managing change and the key ideas of GDPM. The central focus is to develop an understanding of, and commitment to, managing successful and lasting change. Throughout the text, the authors constantly emphasize the need to develop people’s involvement and commitment to the project. The authors refer to this as ‘PSO’ (people, systems and organization). It gives detailed and practical guidance on how to plan, organize and control these PSO projects effectively by presenting the methods and tools that will increase significantly the probability of success.

Published by Kogan Page. ISBN:0749441860. 22.50 pounds.