Book News: April 28th, 2004

By S Markwell, J Watson, V Speller, S Platt, and T Younger.This resource was initially designed as a response to the World Health Organization, Investment for Health initiative. As a benchmarking and assessment tool, it enables partnerships to assess their progress against evidence-based criteria and share good practice. The Working Partnership has been devised with and for people whose role it is to support partnership development and improve the quality of partnership working in both established or newly evolving partnerships. It is relevant to all types of partnerships and can be used to demonstrate achievement and build on good practice, identify areas for improvement and capacity building, track progress in delivering shared objectives and improving services. The resource takes a self-assessment approach and offers partnership members the opportunity to develop self-awareness and an honest, open approach to the assessment of strengths and weaknesses.

Published by the Health Development Agency. ISBN 1-84279-123-0.

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