Book News: May 27th, 2004

By D Wilcox.Development trusts and similar partnerships have been an essential component of urban and rural regeneration programmes and the guide centres on the importance of effective partnership working in the development of a trust. It is intended for anyone interested in how towns, cities and villages may be regenerated through the involvement of those with the greatest stake in their future – the people who live and work there. It includes examples of requirements for levels of community participation, active engagement, board meetings, financial sustainability, project management, checklists for milestones, resources and the competencies of those involved. The guidelines may be used by those in public, private, voluntary and community sectors as a generic tool for considering the development of partnerships and development trusts.

Published by the Development Trusts Association. ISBN 0-95314-690-3. Price 8.00 pounds. Available from  or phone: 0845 458 8336.