Book News: February 15th, 2005

1By Haridimos Tsoukas and Jill ShepherdStrategic foresight is central to managing the future, yet it is one of the least understood areas of management. Tsoukas and Shepherd offer a collection of readings that serve to deepen our understanding of what organizational foresight is, and what it takes to do it well. Designed for the reader who seeks more than a superficial overview, it offers jewels of insight and a variety of frameworks that serve to challenge and enrich our mental maps about developing organizational foresight. The ten contributing authors come from both sides of the Atlantic and from Asia, all of whom are distinguished scholars in the fields of strategy or organizational learning. They address key questions about how organizational foresight can be conceptualized and developed, and the extent to which it is possible.

Published by Blackwell ISBN:1405116153 60.00 pounds