Book News: May 18th, 2005

By Martyn SlomanThe aim of the book is to help readers to develop a framework in which training can be effectively managed and delivered. The author poses the question: ‘What should training managers be doing to ensure that training in their organization is as good as it can be?’ He stresses the need to keep training aligned with business objectives, and to encourage line managers to work alongside the human resource professionals. The final Part considers the trainer as a strategic facilitator and examines the skills required. Martyn Sloman writes as an experienced training manager and his book is concerned, above all, with implementation. Thus the text is supported by questionnaires, survey instruments and specimen documents. With its combination of thought-provoking argument and practical guidance, the Handbook will continue to serve all those with an interest in organizational training.

Published by Gower ISBN: 0 566 08128 8 45.00 pounds.