Book News: February 7th, 2006

By Michael ArmstrongAlthough more organizations are adopting strategic human resource management, integration with the overall business strategy continues to present major challenges.

The author provides a bridge between theory and practice and offers a guide to both formulating human resource strategies and implementing them. This new edition has been fully updated and revised to incorporate the latest thinking, research and practice in this important field. Using case studies, checklists and practical examples, it explores the practicalities of formulating and implementing human resource strategies, how they work and what the human resource function contributes.

Human resource strategies are only as good as the effective action they produce. Formulating them is the easy part. The difficulties begin when they have to be implemented. This book is an invaluable aid in converting rhetoric into reality.

Published by Kogan Page. ISBN: 0749445114. 22.50 pounds.