Book News: June 1st, 2006

By Julie Wright and Russ KingWritten as a witty and entertaining novel with unforgettable characters, this business book shows how to apply Eli Goldratt’s theories to healthcare and other public services.

For Beth Seager, dealing with ‘fearsome’ co-workers and ‘fighting fires’ has inadvertently become a part of her job description. As a Manager of Admissions for an NHS hospital, Beth is desperate to find a way to free up more beds for sick patients while maintaining her sanity in a volatile work environment. While management continues to implement one faulty plan after another and with no investment money in sight, Beth searches for an effective way to improve patient services throughout the healthcare system.

Over a series of secret tutoring sessions from her brother-in-law in the States, and with the help of a tenacious professor and her sceptical husband (a self-described venture capitalist with a heart) Beth discovers that it is possible to achieve system-wide improvements through the application of Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints.

Published by Gower. ISBN: 0 566 08735 9. 16.99 pounds.