Book News: March 22nd, 2007

This report from the Department for Health describes how organisations in 22 areas worked with local communities to harness people’s inspiration, commitment and energy to improve health and reduce health inequalities. Local authorities, primary care trusts, community and voluntary organisations worked together to make real improvements to the health of some of the country’s most deprived communities.The Choosing Health White Paper made a commitment to improve the health of people living in deprived communities. These pilots have shown that putting local people first in planning and delivery enables disadvantage to be overcome and health improved.

The projects undertaken by the pilots covered many of the most challenging health issues facing communities today. Some of the pilots have tried new ways of addressing obesity, encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to be more active and eat healthier foods. Others have sought to encourage people to give up smoking and to drink less alcohol, and to reduce the harm caused by drugs. There are examples of nearly every community, many often considered hard to reach, who have benefited from the collaborative approach, including homeless people, black and minority ethnic communities, lesbian and gay communities.

Learning from the Pilots is at: