Book News: April 5th, 2007

The guide from Bristol City Council has been designed to help other local authorities develop e-participation tools that can encourage much wider community engagement. The experience of the corporate consultation team has been distilled into a 60 page book which provides information and case studies on electronic information sharing, e-consultation and e-participation.The guide uses case studies from Bristol and other councils to illustrate how the different forms of e-participation, the internet, SMS and email, can work. From an on-line discussion on street art to an on-line survey about the height of Bristol’s buildings, the case studies give an insight into how effective digital technology can be in communicating issues and galvanising opinion.

Bristol City Council’s own e-democracy initiatives include an e-petitions site which has hosted 59 e-petitions, 20,000 signatures and around 550 comments. It also started the CampaignCreator which equips local communities with the tools they need to campaign successfully. CampaignCreator has won three European awards.

The guide was commissioned and funded by North East Connects who recognised Bristol’s expertise in the e-democracy area. It is available from b Cost 20.00 pounds.